Episode 71 – Creality Halot Mage and Prusia MK4 – April 3D Printing News

It wouldn’t be a news episode without some new printers to drool over. Creality bring the Halot Mage to bear, bringing quality and comfort to the mid-sized market, and the Prusia MK4 puts all the bells and whistles into a speed demon FDM printer.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:28 Banter
  • 02:26 3d Printing Money
  • 06:00 Super Heroes in Gaming
  • 11:10 The Creality Halot Mage
  • 18:55 Prusia MK4
  • 24:44 3D Printing for Warhammer: The Old World
  • 36:19 The Largest D&D Game in the World!
  • 42:58 Perram’s Heading to Tabletop Minions Expo!
  • 52:00 Shout Outs!

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